In the Know: The Ms. JD Writers in Residence Interview Project

Have you been thinking about "blawging"? Are you wondering what it is really like? Do you want advice from people who have written for a highly regarded law blog? Then keep reading!

We are pleased to share with you the Ms. JD Writers in Residence Interview Project. In an effort to provide you with mentor-like advice about the law blogging process, participants were asked to respond to a series of questions about their approach to "blawging", why they decided to become law bloggers, and more. The result is a great resource, full of thoughtful contributions from past and present Ms. JD Writers in Residence. It offers practical advice, highlights some of the many ways in which law blogs can enrich lives, and we hope inspires you to consider joining (or remaining a part of) the "blawg" community!

If you are inspired, we invite you to consider contributing to Ms. JD's blog. There are a number of ways you might do so, from publishing your own content on the blog to applying for the Ms. JD Journalists Program or, of course, applying to serve as a Ms. JD Writer in Residence!

We hope you enjoy reading the interviews, and welcome your comments, questions, etc. My thanks to my fellow Writers in Residence who contributed to this exciting endeavor!

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Love the Interview Project! It’s so interesting to peek into other people’s writing process.

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