Internships: How parents can help graduates get them

It is a fact of life that college career centers seldom play a major role in helping graduate get a job. Thus, college students have to be motivated, and mothers and fathers have to be willing to help. The role of parents cannot be overstated here, argues Fox Business. With active involvement, the road toward student internships could be easier to travel. Resource for this article - Parents can help college grads secure internships by MoneyBlogNewz.

A good idea to do an internship

After paying tuition for four or more years, parents typically hope their kids will do something with it. That is what a college education is for. Yet most colleges don't take an active role in connecting graduates with jobs, and most students who have lived in the collegiate social incubator for four years or more aren't in the career mindset upon graduation. This makes it even harder for parents. It is a lot of work. A student internship is excellent way to test drive a career field to determine whether it's an appropriate choice, plus it can give a student an inside track to a paid position. There are some things mothers and fathers can do. Internship opportunities are always around.

Keep the face time going

While LinkedIn, Facebook and other forms of online social networking are valuable, nothing can replace face-to-face time with a potential employer. Parents can aid kids (long before they're graduating from college) by teaching them how to network in person. It can really help to get personal with somebody getting you into a career. Most people hiring will look at the “go-getters.” They're generally the best choices. As Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is just showing up” - and that means showing up in person. Fox Business makes it clear that social media on the Internet is essential also though. Social recruiting apps on Facebook like Branch Out and Career Amp are tools any social media-savvy student can use. LinkedIn is a popular site that can help a lot with online networking while Internships.com should also be consider.

Call in some favors

There are some people in important positions with social networking. Ask for favors sometimes. Call and see if there are any people that need someone to work an internship.

'Big Five' for graduates to consider

To be able to become a successful intern, the student career blog I Am Next suggests applicants apply the following:

  1. Sell you to win over your supervisor.
  2. Pay your dues. Work hard.
  3. Make sure you know what is going on.
  4. Supervisor lessons can really help.
  5. Don't leave the internship without a letter of recommendation.

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