Interview with Sharon Simmons-Cantrell, Shareholder at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.

Sharon Simmons-Cantrell is a very successful 28-year attorney and shareholder in a well-established law firm—Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. When interviewing Sharon Simmons-Cantrell, I learned many interesting things about her life that helped to shape her into the person she is today.

Sharon did not always have her sights set on becoming a personal injury lawyer at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.. Sharon majored in psychology at Texas A&M. When Sharon was close to graduating from college in 1991, she still wasn’t sure whether she wanted to go to grad school for psychology or law school.  While in college, she had worked for Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., her uncle's law firm, as a file clerk, receptionist, bookkeeping assistant and legal assistant. But then, she went to intern for a psychologist. This job made her realize that psychology was not her calling.

Sharon ultimately chose law school at the University of Houston.  While she attended law school she interned at the DA’s office.   

Sharon is now the head of the pre-litigation department where she negotiates on cases daily. However, her experience spans across all departments from her college-days experiences up to the fact that she even worked as a trial attorney in the litigation department for her first four years out of law school.

When asked what she loved about her job, Sharon said:

“I get to be the voice of the clients with the insurance company. I get to help the client get their case resolved as quickly as possible.”

Sharon also indicated that she loves the fast-paced environment she works in as head of the pre-litigation department.

 The only complaints she could come up with is there is just not enough hours in a day, and she doesn’t like when adjusters don’t reply to her.

 “The insurance company has people on their side knowing how to pay ‘less’ on claims so every person that is hurt should have someone in their court too!” said Sharon. This is what drives her to keep doing her best at work every day.

I asked Mrs. Cantrell how she balanced work life and home life she expressed to me her cell phone and good case management software is a key role because it allows her to check on emails and cases all while keeping up with her busy life.  Outside of the office, Sharon is the girl scout leader of not one but two troops, a council chair at church, and frequent flute player for church.

Sharon has two high school age daughters --17 and 15. She has a 22-year-old son who is senior at Texas A&M graduating soon in nuclear engineering. She lives to go watch him perform.  In addition, her parents live 5 minutes away from her–making keeping up with family easier. 

Family is very important to Sharon and so is church. Not only did her parents raise her in the church, she still to this day attends the same church her parents took her when she was first born!  With the loving foundation she was given and raised in, it is easy to see why Sharon Simmons-Cantrell turned out to be the strong, successful independent woman she is today.

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