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Join us for Ms. JD’s 8th Annual Conference: Superwomen JDs!

Ms. JD presents its Eighth Annual Conference on Women in the Law

“Superwomen JDs”

Friday, February 19, 2016 at NYU School of Law.

For all of the latest details on #SuperwomenJDs, click here and be sure to check out our amazing speaker line-up here.

A culmination of Ms. JD’s national programming, this conference brings aspiring and early career women lawyers from legal markets around the country together for a summit on the progress and remaining challenges for women in the profession.  An overview of the conference agenda is available below.

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Directions to NYU can be found here and hotel recommendations will be posted soon.

*NY Attorney Financial Aid Available. See policy on Conference Registration page. 


Superwomen JDs Conference Agenda

Session 1 - With Our Powers Combined: Intersectionality and the Law

This town hall discussion will explore the issues that women in the legal profession face when they have multiple identities, in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and beyond. Come prepared with questions and be ready for a comprehensive and honest discussion with our team of panelists that are leading the discussion on how intersectionality impacts school and the workplace.

Session 2 - Break-Out Sessions

          Session A: Finding your Superpowers: Defining Your Emblem and Forming Alliances

There is not much debate that networking and branding are critical to lawyers' success in the current competitive legal market, whether it's on the job hunt or in developing business. Getting started and, more importantly, continuously following through on networking and branding strategies is where many lawyers struggle. Come and learn from a group of lawyers who have found their own unique way to develop their brand and hone their networking skills despite their demanding careers.

         Session B: Law School: Find, Build, Harness Your Superpowers (and Triumph!)

Which activities will give me the best experience or prepare me for a particular field? Should I work during law school? How can I build strong professional relationships during law school? This session will expand on Ms. JD's Acing Law School ebook and webcast and, through a diverse group of panelists, explore the questions above along with other common issues that law students encounter. Attendees will learn new and practical ways to tackle these issues.


Session 3 - Power Poses: Purposeful Positioning

During these two "Ted Talk" style sessions, our superheroines and heros will learn important skills for ensuring they are physically well-prepared to take on the villains of the world! During the first session, we will learn to be mindful, ensuring that we are able to listen more actively, move through the world with more purpose, and regenerate during our downtimes. During the second session, we will learn how our physical presence can demonstrate confidence.

Session 4 - Break-Out Sessions

          Session A: Up, Up, and Away: Flying High in Private Practice

This panel will focus on practical ways that you can develop success now in private practice, covering issues such as how to seek effective feedback, handle mistakes or identify a mentor or sponsor. Learn how to handle these issues and more from private practice attorneys and their clients.

          Session B: If the Cape Fits: Careers in Fashion and Entertainment Law

During this session, panelists will discuss what it means to have a career in fashion law from how to break into it to what classes, practice areas, and issues will best prepare you to be a part of that.

          Session C: I Need A Hero: Exploring Public Interest, Pro Bono, and Service Careers

This panel will help attendees explore the many public service fields where lawyers can enjoy working on public issues, such as nonprofit legal work, private public interest, government service and elected positions. Attendees will learn more about these areas of public service along with practical advice on how to prepare for or transition into these careers.

Ms. JD Honors Reception: Superwomen and The Incredible Men​

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Super excited about this conference!  Any word on hotel recommendations yet?  Thank you!

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