Journey to a JD: The Start of Something New

Ahh, January.  The beginning of a brand new year, the season of wintry weather, and last but not least, the heart of the law school admissions season.  Welcome to my life. 

Hello 2015!

As I head into 2015, I cannot help looking back at 2014 and marveling at how far I have come.  The same time last year, I was cracking open my first logic games workbook while listening to the latest Taylor Swift song.  72 practice LSATs, 10 personal statement drafts, and way too many logic games later, I am wrapping up my final application (and still listening to Taylor Swift… “Blank Space,” anyone?). 

But First, A Trip Down 2014

A lot has happened during these 365 days.  I discovered the first of many LSAT prep books (PowerScore and Manhattan Prep are absolute must-haves), stumbled upon some incredibly in-depth and useful blogs (Blueprint LSAT and LSAT Blog are now permanently engrained in my “Favorites”), and spent hours pouring over countless law school admissions guides (huge shout-out to Anna Ivey’s “The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions” and Richard Montauk’s “How to Get into the Top Law Schools” for covering everything you’ll ever want to know about the process – and more). 

But more than that, these past 12 months have opened my eyes to the vast and fascinating world of law school admissions.  While I was procrastinating on writing my personal statement one balmy September afternoon (apparently 70-degree weather on a perfect fall day can be pretty distracting), I happened to come across a website called TopLawSchools. If you haven’t heard of this already, it is an extensive free online resource on all things law school – from getting in to surviving 1L to landing your dream job.  With detailed law school rankings and profiles, admissions advice, and open forums boasting 291384 posts in the “Choosing a Law School” section alone – and counting – this is one of the most comprehensive sites out there.  It is also ridiculously addictive.

Suddenly, the posts on Facebook and Buzzfeed no longer seemed as enticing as the tips and discussions on TopLawSchools.  I found myself checking out the latest forum thread, instead of hitting up my usual procrastination hotspots (in case you haven’t realized by now, I’m secretly a huge nerd). 

It was then that I realized how real all of this was.  Law school was slowly but surely becoming a part of my life.  I had always dreamed of becoming an attorney, and now, I was taking the first steps of realizing my goal.  It was really happening. 

All Those Logic Games Finally Pay Off

As the weeks passed by, I finished my personal statement (ironically, also on a perfect 70-degree fall day) and submitted my first application.  Soon afterwards, I got my first interview, followed by my first official acceptance.  I was ecstatic.  My hard work was paying off, and it was an unbelievably rewarding experience.

All this took place during the last few months of 2014, which has been a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.  I could not be more grateful for all the wonderful news that has come my way. 

The Road Ahead (Spoiler Alert: It’s Looking Pretty Good )

As I send in my last application and wait to hear back from the rest of the schools, I cannot help but do so with a grin.  It feels great to be gradually wrapping up this chapter of my life, as I leap into my next big adventure.  Although I have no idea where I will end up, I am excited to see where these upcoming months will take me in 2015. 

I have a feeling this is going to be a great year.

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