Justice Judith Kaye in the New Yorker: Special Kaye

Jeffrey Toobin penned a piece for the New Yorker this month on Justice Judith Kaye. The "Talk of the Town" profile, Special Kaye, reflects on a variety of Kaye's accomplishments, from the renovations of Foley Square courthouse that she championed to her promotion of jury service.

The jury room, with its dozing strangers awaiting the call to dispense justice, never fails to stir her soul. (Kaye always says “jury service,” not “jury duty.”) No detail is too small for her attention. The coffee stand, to her regret, can’t muster the technology for cappuccino; the in-house magazine for jurors has a crossword puzzle but, per her directive, no answers. “I want the jurors to learn to work together by figuring it out,” she said.

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