Law Blogs: Promoting Efficiency and Effectivity

Legal writing, in any form, is important for pre-law individuals, law students, and lawyers because it keeps both the author and readers informed of the topic. As an author, you naturally become an expert of sorts on the topic that you write about. The thing with the law is that it starts with a foundation and continues to build. And build, and build, and build. The same is true for a law blog, especially if it has a particular area focus. Legal writing on law blogs is increasingly important because they facilitate discussion.

Blog posts can easily be shared and circulated via email, social media, or even text message. For these reasons, discussions on the law can come across the screens of individuals that do not traditionally seek them out. Blogs also typically include comment fields for readers to respond to the author. As every law student learns, there are always two sides to an argument. And, a good law blogger would understand and address the same, facilitating the discussion in such a way. Blogs are like a portal to more digestible legal information, helping every day people, students, and practitioners by facilitating a discussion that also performs the analysis that some practitioners do not have the time or resources to engage in.

Moreover, law blogs allow people to dispense legal information in a digestible format much quicker than ever before. While it still takes a great deal of preparation to write a blog post, that time pales in comparison to the amount of time spent on a publishable article. Blogs enable the author to cut to the chase essentially, providing readers with the need-to-know information and also the ability provide information in chunks that are manageable. Rather than reading an entire case and all the sources relied upon, a summary can be provided in a blog. Authors of law blogs can end up doing a lot of the tough work for their readers.

Ultimately, law blogs help pre-law students, law students, and lawyers to be more efficient and effective.

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