Law School’s Final Act of Inclusiveness

I graduated this weekend. Law school is over. It feels good. But, in true law school form, my legal education got one final jab in. This, my friends, is the instruction sheet for how to wear my academic hood during graduation. Oh wait, it's not how to wear my's how a man should wear his hood. You know, because all people who graduate from law school are men.



The instruction sheet tells me to do the following:
"1. Put hood on over your head with velvet side up and with small tapered end in front."

Great! I'm on board.

"2. Before closing gown, loop cord on front of hood over shirt/blouse button to keep hood from riding against wearer's neck."
Wait, what now? What button? I'm confused, my graduation dress doesn't have a button.

Sure, some women wear Oxford style shirts to graduation; but most do not. So while my hood was sagging around my neck and strangling me, my male counterparts were comfortable and looking well put together. Nothing tells you that you are in a world that was not built for you quite like the graduation regalia literally being made for another gender. Thanks legal profession, I feel so welcome!

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