Law Students: Gaining legal work experience

There are many young people who share the same dream – to become an attorney. Many of them and their families have saved a lot of money to enroll to law schools. In addition, the cost of these studies is often very high and law students are interested in getting a job while they are still in law school. Even though it is quite easy to find a job as a student, what every law student wants is a job where they can gain experience in this field. In this way they can prepare themselves for real work when they finally finish law school.

What is important to understand is that law is one of the professions where experience plays crucial role in the overall success at work. It is very difficult to understand all the details related to property law, but even if your theoretical knowledge is good, working with people and applying your knowledge is completely different. Law is all about gaining experience while learning how to apply your knowledge. So, in order to speed up this process, it is a good idea to gain this experience while you are still a law student. It is not unusual for modern law students to get a job. Additionally, there are a huge number of employment agencies that can aid you in this process and find an adequate job while you are still a student. One of the best options for law students is to look for a seasonal job or summer job to be more precise. This practice has proven to be very helpful and many successful lawyers like Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have been involved in such activities. Of course, legal jobs in general are paid very well, but you can’t expect to get such compensation by doing some basic legal stuff. You should not be disappointed because your focus should be placed on gaining experience. Even if there is an offer for a job that will give you slightly better compensation, you should reject it in case the company that is paying less will help you learn more things. This is a nice way to prepare yourself for entry level jobs once you finish law school.

Another thing that you should not forget about jobs specially designed for law students is that you can add this experience to your CV. Just think about it – when you finish law school you can only add information about your education, your work experience field will be blank. When the employer notices that you were active in this field even when you were a student they will certainly appreciate that. What is even better, when you are practicing law (to some extent) while you are still a law student you will learn more about different areas of law. There are many law students who are not really sure which branch of law is right for them. By taking a student job or student seasonal job you might be able to clear this dilemma.

It is also a nice idea to do some research about the companies that offer jobs to students. Don’t select the first offer you get. Analyze their background and check your responsibilities. Focus on companies that offer an opportunity to learn many law-related activities in different fields (if possible). Stick to jobs that can help you in the near future, you don’t want to waste your precious time doing something useless.

Take some time and analyze all the opportunities you have, but remember that gaining legal experience before you finish law school will definitely help you build successful career as an attorney.     




It is very gratifying to see law students with a real passion for the law. I agree that an internship and working during law school is a good way to develop experience.

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