Letters from Uganda: Gracious Atuhaire

Ed. Note: In 2010 Ms. JD launched the Global Education Fund to enable women in developing countries to pursue legal educations who otherwise would not have access to further education.  Ms. JD International Scholars are being supported by the GEF's grants to Makerere University in Uganda.  Each year, the Ms. JD Global Education Fund has made it possible for two more young Ugandan women to pursue their dreams of becoming lawyers by attending the law program at Makerere UniversityContribute to the GEF by clicking here.

Gracious Atuhaire is a 2011  Ms. JD International Scholar in her 3rd year at Makerere University in Uganda thanks to the Global Education Fund. A message from Gracious: 

I am Gracious Atuhaire pursing a Bachelors of Laws now in third year. We have reported for the first semester of third year after three months of holiday. During the holiday I was volunteering in a department under my local church (Community Development).This department caters for orphans to HIV/AIDS and infected people. We managed to go to the field and teach these vulnerable people their rights and embracing a positive living no matter their status.

This semester I am doing five course units, namely: Jurisprudence, Family Law II, Banking and Negotiable Instruments, International &Regional Human Rights and Law of Sale Goods. We have spent two weeks now.

As I pursue my studies my ideal goal is to advocate for the voiceless especially the women who are still vulnerable in our country. There is a lot of male chauvinism in most areas in my country and I would like to sensitize the women that they are able to come up and put their potential ideas on board and cause a fundamental change in our society.  This is the reason why I have decided to offer Human Rights in third year so that am able to protect the rights of women in additional to what most organizations have come on board to address.

I humbly appreciate the parental support from you and promise to do my best. We received the text books to use and I hope for an improvement in my results though last semester’s results are not yet released. May God richly bless you and I promise not to let you down.

Yours Faithfully,


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