#MillennialMom: How are Millennial Parents Different ... Or are We?

Happy New Year Ms. JD!  What were your big events in 2017?  What are your new year's resolutions?  How are you planning to leverage your community (including the Ms. JD Community) to help you stick to your goals?  (Tell me in the comments!)  

I'll tell you my plan!  My BIG event for 2017 and one of my new year's resolutions happen to intersect and I'm hoping the Ms. JD Community can help!  You see, 2017 brought the birth of my daughter, Kieran (gratuitous family photo taken a few days after Kieran was born included below because ... why not?!?!).  

(Photography Credit - Angela Lang Photography)

As the new year dawned, and I started to feel a little more settled into this whole Mom gig, I realized that I missed blogging, writing for fun, and being more connected to my Ms. JD community.  So, I committed to myself that I would return to my Ms. JD roots as a Writer-in-Residence and begin blogging at least once a month again. 

Then came the question: what should I blog about?  As I thought about Kieran's birth and my own short adventures in parenting to date, I also thought about my previous work on our "millennial" generation (e.g. hereherehere, and here).  It made me wonder: how are millennials parenting differently ... or are we?  I've written previously about the value of blogging for creating a network and, after a quick search to confirm that the hashtag was being used the way I thought it should be, my new column, #MillennialMom, was born. 

Like most "generational research," there are certain to be pitfalls around over-generalizations and individual differences, but I have to believe that we can suss out some broad trends.  Technological advancements alone have produced different opportunities and potential pitfalls for Millennial parents.  Social media has given us new ways to connect, get advice, and provide support outside the confines of the people we know in real life.  But does it also provide new challenges in identifying and protecting our children from bullies?  I have a million questions and I'm excited to explore them in this new column.  

So what can you expect from #MillennialMom in the future?  I will endeavor to be a NO JUDGMENT space because one thing I know every Mom needs is less judgment from others.  You can also expect more questions, maybe some answers, and a wholehearted exploration of what it means to be a Mom, a lawyer, and a Millennial ... at least for me!  If you have ideas for columns or questions that you'd like to explore, let me know! 

Happy New Year, Ms. JDs!  It's good to be back! 


Susan Smith Blakely

Congratulations, Katie!  The picture is beautiful.  I look forward to reading about Millennial moms.

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