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My tenure as Ms. JD’s 2014 Writers in Residence Program Director comes to a close today, and it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome next year’s Director, Ashley Ahlbrand. Through her 2014 Writers in Residence column, "Research Makeover", Ashley has demonstrated extensive knowledge, thoughtfulness, and an impressive attention to detail. I am excited for her to lead the 2015 Writers in Residence Program, and can't wait to read next year's Writers in Residence columns!

As I wrap up this year, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the 2014 Writers in Residence for the time, energy, and care they have devoted to their important role as members of the Ms. JD community. I also thank you, Ms. JD readers, for your support of the Writers in Residence Program. And, I am grateful to the rest of Ms. JD's team for their encouragement and help in making this Program all that it is. 

It continues to be an honor to work with this outstanding organization, and I am very happy to move to my new position as Ms. JD's 2015 Academic Director. In looking forward to the new year, some of us will make resolutions or simply reflect upon how we wish to proceed in our professional development. I hope that part of your resolution will include continuing to read the empowering and enlightening posts featured on Ms. JD!

With that, I raise my (metaphorical) glass to toast Ms. JD, and to welcome in 2015!

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Juliana, thank you for being such a positive contributor to Ms. JD! So glad we’re not losing you.

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