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I stumbled across a great little article about successful women attorneys today, here.  (Okay, so I am a few weeks behind on my reading!).  This article in New York Magazine is, for once, all about successful women lawyers and talks to many to find out their secret to success.  It is refreshing to find an article that, while starts with an introduction that sounds much like the Ms. JD Mission Statement, is really not so much about why women leave the profession but, instead, what makes the successful ones stay. 

What is their advice to young lawyers and other women executives? In a nutshell, you have to be prepared to work very hard for very long hours, they say. And, unless you really love the work, it won’t be worth that very high cost.

So true.



Thanks for catching us up too!  This is a great article to remind all of us that there are few keys to "success", however you define it:  hard work and loving your job.  A friend who is a partner at a small firm in the South recently told me this same idea in a different.  Parphrased somewhat:  "It is simply too hard to be an attorney and NOT love what you're doing."
“Balance is a hard one, but it bears repeating that you do it with hard work and a lot of laughter." - from the article

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