Making Your Womanhood Work for You: Allowing New Mothers Be Lawyers

We all remember the LSAT—stressful, aggravating and terrifying.

Well, now imagine adding uncontrollable physical pain to that experience.

Recently, the Law School Admissions Council refused to make accommodations for a lactating mother to pump milk during the LSAT.   LSAC made the decision not to allow the student an extended break to allow her to pump despite prior requests from the ACLU Womens Rights Project and other organizations (not to mention requests from the student herself).  Apparently, LSAC has a policy not to make such accommodations for breastfeeding mothers.

 What message is LSAC sending to new mothers?  To choose between the documented benefits to their infants of breastfeeding and not going to law school?

 For more information on the problem, visit the following:

  • A blog post from the Harvard Women’s Law Association Moms Network.  In the post, find a letter written to LSAC explaining the benefits of breastfeeding to infants and the gender discrimination implications of LSAC’s policy.
  • Want to do something?  Sign the ACLU’s petition supporting the student.


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