Making Your Womanhood Work for You: Being a Mama in Law School



I had both of my kids before attending law school and I think these women make a lot of good points.
However, I would second guess the advice about conceiving during 2L year and giving birth that summer.  That is the most critical summer for finding post-graduation employment and I wouldn’t take lightly a decision that will keep you out of the intern-workforce that summer.  Students at the vast majority of law schools do not have the opportunity to work for a future employer during their 1L/2L summer so the advice to be sure to secure an offer during that summer won’t apply to most.
I feel really strongly that law school is nothing if not a professional school and so you need to do everything that will allow you to find a job practicing law after graduation.  If that isn’t a priority, then I would sooner suggest taking a year off law school than I would suggest you miss out on an opportunity to intern during your 2L/3L summer.
One other word of caution, I planned on visiting my 3d year in order to take advantage of my “support system” in the city where we were going to live after graduation (which was home to my spouse) only to be denied by my law school.  Law schools, apparently, have varied levels of tolerance for allowing students to “visit”.

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