Marbury at Midnight: A Light Unto My Path

"…it gives them the right of free ingress into other States, and egress from them; it insures to them in other States the same freedom possessed by the citizens of those States in the acquisition and enjoyment of property and in the pursuit of happiness; and it secures to them in other States the equal protection of their laws. It has been justly said that no provision in the Constitution has tended so strongly to constitute the citizens of the United States one people as this.” – Justice Field, Paul v. Virginia

Spring is in the air; that time of year to channel your inner Edward Abbey, Paul Theroux, Emma Larkin, or Elizabeth Gilbert and run off to far-flung places, eat exotic food, wander with penguins, or just get carsick on the way to the family reunion in Iowa. However, if you’re like most workers in the United States, you either don’t have the vacation time to run off to even near-flung places, or you feel so guilty about leaving the office that you just leave all that beautiful time on the table.

But if you can, be a rebel. Take every second of your vacation time. Exercise your fundamental right under the Privileges and Immunities Clause to travel freely within the United States. Set a light upon your path and leave the cell phone in the hotel, RV, or yurt for just five hot minutes. If this luxury isn't available to you now (but promise me, you'll make it available to yourself soon), then I propose some vicarious living. Sit back, pop an umbrella in your morning latte, and enjoy the following travel blogs:

  • Jodi Ettenberg's Legal Nomads: a lawyer leaves the practice to travel the world. Filled with great travel photos, tips, and advice.
  • Carrot Quinn: this woman has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (you know, that trail made famous by Reese Witherspoon in "Wild", the movie adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's fascinating memoir of the same name) twice. She's hiked the infamous "Low to High" trail in Death Valley, the Florida Trail, and is now on her way to the infinitely remote and rugged Continental Divide Trail.
  • Not a Chance: a female ultra-hiker who has posted thousands of miles from California to New Zealand and beyond.
  • The Real Hiking Viking: read about a true trail warrior as he explores Appalachia, Hawaii, and the enchanting Gila National Forest.

And, if you find yourself a bit hungry after all of this travel reading, be sure and stop off at Kathy Knapp's Pie-O-Neer Cafe in Pie Town, New Mexico, for the best coconut creme in the world (of this, I can attest from personal experience). Find that long white line and embark on an adventure. This is a great big world. Let's get out of the office and embrace it.



Wow! What an inspirational blog! I love to travel , and after reading your post, I have realized that I am not the only one who is crazy about travelling. I am definitely going to follow these bloggers. Surely this is a great big world! Have already planned my summers, I am so looking forward to it. Have plans for South Asia. If any one is interested in planning their holidays, this might come as very handy!
http://bit.ly/1JFG4Le Please write more! Love reading your stuff!


Thank you for the kind words, Sofia! Good luck with your travels, and post the details of your adventures!

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