Marbury at Midnight: November, November, it’s Almost December!

If you’re like me, November is the month where everything seems to need to happen all at once, and everything needs to be finished right now or sooner, because the holidays are coming and there’s a lot of stuff to do before then. -Feel free to insert mental exclamation points here based on your stress level.

For this busy, buzzy month, I present these listicles as a mental break from studying, working, studying, or maybe just because you’ve already scrolled through Buzzfeed 20 times today and need some additional interwebs entertainment. (Just disregard that the first link is, indeed, a Buzzfeed article.) Also, did I mention that Adele's new song is out, and it is absolutely amazing? Well, I'll throw that in, too.

Take a break. You’ve earned it. Yes, you will survive Con Law and yes, you will make it to Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

  1. Places You’d Rather be Right Now than Your 8 pm Legal Writing Class
  2. The Best Sources of Caffeinated Study Aids
  3. I Need to Run! I Need Fresh Air! (and Possibly Free Post-Race Beer!)
  4. Because Sunday Morning is For Brunch, Not Business Law
  5. Celebrating Teddy Roosevelt’s Legacy
  6. Finals are Over, I’m Going to the Beach!


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