Kellie Wingate Campbell

A Matter of Simple Justice: Know Your Worth

Do you know your worth? It's a question that can be interpreted many ways. Studies show that as women lawyers, on average we're not paid what we are worth in comparison to male lawyers doing the same or similar work. That's not my meaning here, however. I read earlier today that women possess 1% of the world's assets even though they do 60% of the world's work. But I'm not speaking of your financial holdings either when I ask, "Do you know your worth?"

I've been taking an online leadership course over the past several weeks. One of the assignments recently was to ask twenty or so friends, family members or colleagues to tell you when they saw you at your best. I sent out an email asking several people to describe me at my best and about two-thirds of them replied. It was humbling to read their responses. It was also empowering. As I reflected on the comments, I began to better assess my own strengths and to understand the purpose of the assignment. It enabled me to see my own worth (and leadership qualities) through the eyes of those around me. 

Unless you already possess a healthy ego, chances are pretty good that you do not fully grasp your own positive influence in the world. You undervalue your worth, and you suffer for it. You do not step into leadership positions when you could or should; you do not stand on your convictions in key moments and you regret it later. Know your worth. Take an inventory of the vast number of times in your lifetime where you made the difference. And vow to increase that number. 

None of the heroes we admire attained that status without knowing their own worth. As you take steps to build your self-confidence, passion and leadership skills, you will only increase your opportunity to 'be the change you want to see'. It's a question that bears repeating: Do you know your worth?

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