Men making more money than women…what’s new?

As I am sure many of you have seen on CNN and other news networks, there is a story on men making more money than women in the same jobs. While I deplore the way the story is presented, I am like that the story is out there. Now when I tell people about Ms. JD and women's issues in the work force, I can easily reference the inequalities that still exist yet seem to be of any major concern to most in this country.
The problem that still exists is the way the issue is framed. As we have continually discussed in this forum is the "opt-out" framing of the issue that was again argued on my local ABC in Los Angeles. They even interviewed women who said, "I would rather be happy in my job than make a lot of money." Well that is great, we all want to be happy, but while you are happy making less money, your male co-worker is doing your same job and getting paid more. It is not about being happy getting paid less, it is about respect and equality. The segment went on to say that women are shooting themselves in the foot by having babies and opting to stay home. AHHHH! Meanwhile I am eating cereal before Real Estate Law class and ranting at my husband, who confortingly joined my tirade.
So tonight, in between studying for four final exams, I will write a letter to the news network and provide them with some much needed insight into the real problems forcing women out of the workforce, such as deep male social networks and poor laws that lack provisions for flex time. This is not the first and probably not the last time this discussion will arise, but encourage all to continue to change the framework of the discussion.

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