MILS = Moms in Law School

Saramel over at Reasonable Expectations has teamed up with A Little Fish in Law School and PT-LawMom to rotate a weekly roundup of blog posts by moms in law school (MILS). There are a number of excellent law student mom bloggers out there and this is a cool way to bring them together for your reading pleasure. This week's roundup is at A Little Fish in Law School but you may want to bookmark Reasonable Expectations because Saramel gives you the link to whichever blog is hosting the roundup for the week - and of course the links to previous roundups. This kind of community interaction and information sharing is one of the best things about blogging (in my opinion) and the women behind the MILS rotation (and the posts they've selected to share with you) are a great source for advice, wisdom, humor, perspective, and best of all - support.



The 1L grind forced Saramel at Reasonable Expectations to take a blogging hiatus, but the the MILS round-up is going strong.  Please visit either Pt-Lawmom or A little fish in law school each week. We alternate, but if you visit one, we link to the other.
The round up includes posts and blogs by pregnant women in law school, new moms, and veteran moms.


Thanks for the reminder about the MILS roundup. I just linked to it on the front page.

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