Monthly Mantra: Finding Health and Wellness in the Law

I will intentionally and mindfully sow seeds today that will benefit my life tomorrow.

June is planting season.  A time when we sow seeds with the expectation of harvesting in the future.  A successful gardener envisions the fruits of their labor, but also understands the diligence that is required between sowing and reaping.  Many of us can articulate our future goals and desires, but fall short when staying the course between vision and achievement.  Seeds take time to grow and require work and patience on a daily basis well before they produce fruit.  Goal setting is just the beginning.  Taking consistent steps towards your goals and maintaining endurance despite hardships and setbacks, is essential to enjoying the harvest. 

A few years ago, I took a promotion in a neighboring city which resulted in the commute from hell.  I was promoted to a management position and as the newest supervisor, was assigned the enviable task of opening the office at 6:30 am.  To accomplish this, each morning I arrived at the train station by 5:15 am, took the train approximately 45 minutes and then walked a little under a mile in the early morning dark to my office.  It. Was. Not. Fun.  On top of a less than desirable commute, I was responsible for managing 23 employees, resulting in a heavy workload.  Additionally, our office experienced let’s just say “a period of significant leadership challenges,” causing a great deal of disruption and employee dissatisfaction.  There were so many days where as I walked in the cold, snow and rain to my office, I pondered whether it was all worth it.  Turns out, it was.  Taking that position with its commute and challenging environment, exposed me to an area of the law that I enjoyed and was innate to me.  The experience I gained from my time in management, provided me with highly transferable skills, which opened doors to so many opportunities, including the position I hold today.  Although at the time my work was difficult and frustrating, by preserving, I sowed seeds that led to a harvest of wonderful opportunities.   

Working while waiting for the harvest is not always easy.  It can be trying and at times requires more patience than you feel you have to offer.  However, it is the necessary step to reap the rewards of your labor.  Additionally, once you reach your goal, it is the ability to look back on that waiting period that often brings you the most joy.  The fruits of your labor are sweet, but the ability to reflect upon the journey is often sweeter. 

Work Challenge:

Create a five year plan detailing where you want to go and how you envision getting there.  We all know that plans change, but you cannot take the first step on the journey towards your goals, if you haven’t even identified your desires and the necessary steps for achievement.

Physical Challenge:

Create a long-term fitness plan.  Whether it’s running a 5k, taking a teacher training or starting an intermural team, map out the steps you will need to take in the future to achieve that long-term goal.  

Asana of the Month:

Headstand (Sirsasana): This inverted posture is done in stages, reinforcing the steps you must take on the path to your goals. While in a downward dog position, lower your forearms to the floor and interlock your fingers, creating a cup with your hands.  Place the back of your head in the cup of your hands, then walk your feet towards your arms.  When your feet are as far as they can go, raise your legs one at a time, placing the pressure on your forearms, rather than your head.  Activate your abdominal and gluteal muscles to maintain balance.  Hold for three deep breaths.  (You may also use a wall to assist you when learning how to hold this posture) 

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