Monthly Mantra: Finding Health and Wellness in the Law


I possess the internal fire to manifest my desires.

Summer has finally arrived.  In this month of fireworks and rising temperatures, are you stoking your internal fire to manifest your desires and intentions?  You have to stay the course.  Manifesting the desires of your heart requires work.  You must have a clear vision of your goals and do everything feasible on your end to bring them to fruition.  Once that’s done, the real work begins.  You have to release control of your desires to the universe and allow them to manifest at the right time and in the right way.  Letting go of your attachment to how your goal manifests is key.  Not always easy when we belong to a profession where we are paid to control outcomes!

For several years my dear friend had a goal of working in a particular legal field.  He had the perfect education and professional credentials for the career change; however, breaking into the small niche area proved extremely difficult.  He faced competition from individuals across the county for only a handful of positions.  Many qualified and competent attorneys were competing for a select number of openings, creating odds that were severely stacked against any applicant. Despite what would have caused many to give up and move in another direction, he stayed the course.  His intuition told him this was the direction he needed to move towards.  Following his gut, he did not let the odds sway him and instead continued to apply for positions and network with individuals within the field.  Additionally, after putting in the work on his end, he maintained confidence that ultimately he would land his dream position and let go of how and when that would happen.  At one point, he even declined a highly coveted promotional opportunity in his existing field because he knew it would not take him in his desired direction.   After exercising much patience and persistence, he was offered his dream job at a time that could not be more perfect for him to transition in his career.  Although the numbers made his goal appear nearly impossible, he did not allow that to damper his internal motivation to move in the direction of his dreams.

The law of attraction is real and is such an effective tool to manifest both our personal and professional desires.  If you can visualize it, you can manifest it.  The key is putting in the work and maintaining faith that your goal is attainable, while releasing the manner in which it is attained.

Work Challenge:

Find inspiration to stay the course.  Schedule a meeting or lunch with a colleague, friend or mentor who loves what they do.  Find out how they found the work they are passionate about and enjoy.  It does not matter if they are even working in the legal field, genuine enthusiasm and passion are infections and the tools they used to reach goals are often universal.

Physical Challenge:

Stay motivated and fired up!  Talk with a friend or trainer who has a committed fitness routine about their journey.  Hearing where they came from and how they have grown will motivate you to move closer towards your own goals.

Asana of the Month:

Chair Pose (Utkatasana):  A few short breaths in this position is guaranteed to build internal heat, fueling your inner fire.  Stand at the top of your yoga mat with your feet fist width in distance. Lean pack on your heels and squat your buttocks towards your heels.  You should be grounded in your heels so firmly that you can raise your toes from the mat.  Raise your arms above your head and fire up your hands by extending your fingers.  Hold for three deep breaths which continuing to sink your hips.

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