Ms. JD Celebrates: Bobbi Liebenberg, Former Chair of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession

Editor's Note: This post by Bobbi Liebenberg is part of our birthday celebration! Bobbi was the President of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession when we co-founded the Ms. JD Fellowship. To support programs like the fellowship, give Ms. JD a birthday present! Just click here. 

Ms. JD is now a precocious six year old, and I am delighted to join in the celebration of its founding. It has already established itself as one of the leading national organizations for women law students and young women lawyers. Its blog and Library are “go-to” resources, and its national conferences, scholarship and Network have provided invaluable assistance and guidance to countless young women as they begin their journey on a legal career.

During my three-year tenure as Chair of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, one of our initiatives of which I am the most proud is the creation of the Ms. JD Fellowship Program. The Commission partnered with Ms. JD to identify 20 very talented and promising third year women law students from around the country who had already demonstrated a strong commitment to gender equality. The unique Fellowship Program provides for a year long, one-on-one mentorship of each of the law student Fellows by women who have received the Commission’s highest honor, the prestigious Margaret Brent Award, or who have served on the Commission. It was envisioned that mentoring by these distinguished trailblazers would inspire the Fellows to likewise blaze new trails of their own and become future leaders of the profession. Over the past two years, the Commission mentors have provided sage career advice and have opened many doors for their Fellowship mentees. I am confident that this program, now entering its third year, will continue to thrive and create a pipeline of young women lawyers who will not only achieve success for themselves, but will also help other women in the profession to advance and ultimately change the face of the profession.

I look forward to collaborating with Ms. JD on many future programs and initiatives in furtherance of our shared goal of achieving true equality for women in the legal profession, the justice system and society at large. Once again, congratulations Ms. JD!

Roberta D. Liebenberg, Partner

Former Chair, ABA Commission on Women in the Profession

Fine Kaplan and Black

1835 Market Street, Suite 2800

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Susan Smith Blakely

Bobbi may remember meeting me at the ABA Commission on Women Conference in Philadelphia.  I am the author of the Best Friends at the Bar book series for young women lawyers and law students.  I applaud all of the work that Bobbi has done with the ABA and with Ms. JD.  I am proud that my law alma mater, GULC, was a founding member.  The work is so important, and I am glad to be joining Ms. JD as a panelist at the national conference in October 2012.   

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