Ms. JD Celebrates: Happy Birthday from Kelly Hoey!

Editor's Note: Kelly Hoey is a connector, business strategist, and co-founder of Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) a mobile accelerator geared toward supporting women entrepreneurs. Before going into the business world, Kelly was an attorney and professional development manager at White & Case. Kelly has been a Ms. JD supporter since the beginning and we are thrilled to have her writing a piece as part of our sixth birthday celebration.

Why You Must Celebrate Ms JD

When I was asked by then President-Elect, Katie Larkin-Wong to write a post for Ms JD’s birthday celebration, my answer was an immediate Yes! This is an organization I have known for a number of years and contributed to by participating in their Chicago and Los Angeles conferences. So why am I, a 1991 University of British Columbia Law School graduate a fan, supporter, conference-attending member of Ms JD?

Ms JD is Leadership. My connection to Ms JD started in 2009 when I met Jessie Kornberg, Ms. JD’s first Executive Director, after the NAWL Annual Meeting. A room full of accomplished attorneys and the one I had to reach out to and meet was Jessie. When I was in law school, my vision was to study, graduate and get a job. Make an impact on the profession – not in my law school years! In my mind, leadership in the profession would come later, after the job. Not so for Ms JD, they definitely saw the world differently. The vision of Ms JD’s founders: to look beyond immediate law student career needs, to see a way to shape conversations in the legal profession and to give female law students and young professionals an empowered voice from the beginning. That is bold, visionary and risk-taking leadership.

Ms JD is Action. It’s not enough to start an organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession. No, the founders of Ms JD had to raise the bar and challenge the rest of us to strive for higher levels of success, by (just to name a few of things they are doing in addition to holding conferences, conducting research and also, attending law school and pursuing their own legal careers):

  • Launching an informative and successful blog attracting 120,000 visitors a month
  • Forming the National Women Law Students’ Organization
  • Funding summer stipends for female law students dedicated to public interest work
  • Launching the Global Education Fund to enable women in developing countries to attend law school

This is an organization which more than walks the talk.

Ms JD is Networks. The title of this post is a wink and salute to Frank Kimball, a champion for women in the law and a tremendous supporter of Ms JD. I met Frank at Ms JD’s conference in Chicago, the introduction made by Tina Juntunen, a White & Case associate (a firm I worked at as Manager of Professional Development) and Frank introduced me to Linda Listrom, his wildly accomplished wife who then spoke on a panel I organized for WILEF in New York City. In 2011, Ms JD asked me to speak at their conference in Los Angeles and I met Gloria Borges and now I’m on the advisory board of her foundation.... This is what happens when you connect with Ms JD – you meet people who are invested in your success and tap into additional networks for furthering your career.

Happy Birthday Ms JD and raising a glass to your success!

To read more about Ms. JD's plans for the year, click here. To give Ms. JD a birthday present, click here.

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