Ms. JD Celebrates: Here Are Our Current Plans for This Year!

Dear Ms. JDs,

We’re back and as promised, we’re answering the all-important question: what can you expect from Ms. JD in the coming year?  We’re kicking off March with a celebration of Ms. JD’s sixth birthday.  If you haven’t noticed, our Ms. JD logo has her party background on and we’re going to spend this month doing just that.  We’ll have posts from a number of board members talking about what Ms. JD means to them.  You’ll also hear from some of Ms. JD’s most prominent supporters about why they support Ms. JD.  Look for all of these posts under the banner Ms. JD Celebrates.  You can celebrate Ms. JD by posting to the blog or giving Ms. JD a (tax deductible!) sixth birthday present!

This year is packed with a lot of exciting programming!  In general, you can expect a focus on leadership skills.  We’ll continue to profile top women leaders and open a new conversation about leadership skills on the blog.  Our public interest scholarship competition will also go up this month and we’ll be announcing the next class of Ms. JD Fellows and their mentors in April!  Later this year, we'll provide another round of data from the Law School Journals Survey.

We’ll host our second screening of the hit documentary Miss Representation in Washington, DC on April 13th with a panel of women talking about media’s treatment of women in leadership.  We’ll be returning to Washington, DC on October 5th to put on our Annual Conference: She Leads.  We'll celebrate two generations of leadership and the idea of providing a pipeline of future women leaders to the legal profession by focusing on skills women need to be successful leaders.

You can expect new and expanded support for Women’s Law Organizations across the country thanks to our NWLSO leaders! Later in March, Courtney and Connie will be posting their plans in the coming year for NWLSO.  I won’t spoil it but they have figured out some great ways to leverage Ms. JD’s national network for the benefit of women’s organizations at law schools across the country!

Ms. JD is also continuing to expand her partnerships with other diversity organizations.  Already, we’ve announced an exciting new partnership with the Levo League.  That partnership will continue to provide new opportunities for women in business and women in law to learn more from one another.  Look for more partnerships like this one as Ms. JD continues to expand her reach!

As we embark on Ms. JD’s 7th year, we take a moment to say thank you to the women who created her and mark where Ms. JD has been.  As we move forward, we want to hear from you about your hope for what she’ll become!  What do you want to see Ms. JD do by her 10th Birthday?  Do you know an organization that might want to partner with Ms. JD or where Ms. JD could help provide young leaders? Do you want to volunteer to help Ms. JD meet her mission?  Let us know!  You can always email me at larkin-wong@ms-jd.org.

I look forward to hearing from you and building Ms. JD’s next few years together!


Katie Larkin-Wong 

President, Ms. JD

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