Ms. JD Celebrates Six Wonderful Years with a New Generation of Leadership

Six years ago, women from twelve law schools around the country met at Stanford Law School to start a conversation.  We shared a vision to connect women law students and support one another to reach ever greater heights within the legal profession.  Ms. JD was born. 

It has been our great privilege to serve on the Board of Directors of Ms. JD since its inception.  Ms. JD is more than an organization, it is a community.  As a community, we’ve expanded from a blog and a dream to create a range of programs including the National Women Law Students Organization, the only national organization for women law students; a Fellowship that pairs talented law students with superstar mentors from among the ABA Commission on Women and Margaret Brent Award winners; the first survey of law reviews to collect statistics on gender and leadership; and the only initiative to support disadvantaged women in third-world countries to pursue legal educations.  We have hosted national conferences and connected with mentors and friends we otherwise would never have met.  This network of friendship and professional mentoring is the heart and soul of Ms. JD, and when we think back on our years of service to the organization, we are most grateful for the connections we’ve made with countless women and men who share our commitment to achieve gender equity within our profession.

The mission of Ms. JD has always been to serve law students and recent graduates.  Nearly five years into our own legal careers, we are proud to leave the Ms. JD Board of Directors in the capable hands of the next generation of current law students and recent graduates.  We are not going far as we move into our new roles as the inaugural members of the Ms. JD Board Emeritae.

After years spent connecting with women in law schools nationwide, we have good news to report as we move into our new roles.  The legal community is poised for change.  The upcoming ranks are talented and committed to climbing the peaks of the profession.  Working together, we form the ladder that leads the next generation up and through the glass ceiling.  Ms. JD is a vital piece of that ladder, one whose rungs we ourselves have climbed.  As we continue upward, we remain devoted to those who come next and focused on our continuing contribution to what lies ahead.

We hope you will continue to climb with us as Ms. JD continues on to serve the next generation of law students and recent graduates!

With gratitude,
Elizabeth Pederson
Founder and Inaugural President, Board of Directors

Karen Deschaine Hernandez
Founding CFO, Board of Directors

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