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Ms. JD Summer Book Series: Women Lawyers: Rewriting the Rules, by: Mona Harrington

Women Lawyers: Rewriting the Rules, by: Mona Harrington

Mona Harrington, a lawyer, tackles issues that face women lawyers head on in 'Women Lawyers: Rewriting the Rules.'  According to Harrington, women lawyers "are on dangerous ground," in that they are connected with the the male legal establishment and to women as a larger group, but are not at ease within either group.  This is an interesting premise on which to base her writing, and Harrington expands on this idea through the compilation anecdotes and experiences taken from interviews with more than 100 female attorneys. 

Harrington gives a great deal of attention to women in the corporate law setting, the effect that father-daughter relationships have on a woman lawyer, and women as litigators.  She also delves into familiar issues for readers of Ms. JD such as proper attire for women lawyers and the unique experience that women have as law students.

As one reviewer wrote, some of Harrington's "topics deserve further analysis, but Harrington provides much food for thought."  (Publishers Weekly)  This is an interesting read, however, for Ms. JD readers on many topics very close to home, with a few interesting analytical twists.

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