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What's the best women's law school event you've ever been to?

Your answer will help women law students across the country! Ms. JD is looking for great ideas that will help others start and run a successful women's law group.

We're working on a publication that will serve as a resource to Ms. JD
chapters, National Women's Law Student Organizations (NWLSOs) and
women's law student groups. We will be launching the publication at
our conference this March.

So email us. We would love to hear your thoughts on:

-The best kinds of women's law events and programs and why you think they worked
-The best ideas for starting and running a women's law organization
-The creative ways women law students support and inspire one another
in law school

Please email Noorain ( or Catherine
( with your responses!



Every year my law school had an auction to raise money for public interest summer stipends. One year the female faculty offered to take 25 women to dinner.
I was among those who got to go to dinner and it was great. The faculty took us to a really fancy, fun restaurant. We were all at one big long table. And after each course we switched seats so that by the end of the night I had sat with probably 5 different combinations of students and faculty.
Some of the advice I got that night really changed the course of my career. One professor helped convince me not to go to a law firm straight out of law school.   Another professor helped convince me to take a year off after my clerkship and travel.
Because we were at a fancy restaurant the setting was much more intimate than a normal networking reception.  But because we switched seats ever 20 minutes it never got awkwardly silent.
Plus we raised money for a good cause!

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