Ms. JD Weekly Round-up: Week ending October 18, 2013

The women's club has some benefits that the men's club has plus some updates. Time looks at how 20 female senators are setting a tone of civility in Washington.

The New York Times profiled four women succeeding in business including Amy Schulman, who is Executive vice president and general counsel at Pfizer. She noticed as a young associate that women tend to act as a "dutiful daughter" and need to make the transition from dutiful daughter to partner.

For women lawyers making their next move, they should consider these important factors: leadership structure and opportunity, strategic focus, targeted women's initiatives, and compensation.

A new study from Harvard Business says millenial men and blue collar men have something in common - they want a work-life balance too. The Law Careerist weighs in on the matter and asks "can millenial men change the workplace?"

Extracurriculars are not just for kids! The Glass Hammer looks at all the reasons why you should get involved and volunteer and what it can do for your career.

Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, And Bill Gates all have something in common - they love down time. Fast Company looks at the reasons why you should take a break!

Do you live in LA, Palo Alto, or San Francisco? Check out this great event hosted by Gibson Dunn with Helen Wan, who will speaking about her new book, "The Partner Track."


Paula Marie Young

Good daughter analogy.  I still find male colleagues expect that behavior even though I have a higher rank, more legal and teaching experience, and greater leadership experience.  Interesting.  
But, I do what I’ve always done.  Deliver the best service/work I can, and self-promote.  Many people will respect and love you for it.  Some won’t.  As my current business coach says about the ones who are critical:  “They are not your peeps.”  
Women need to “think bigger.”  The good daughter approach keeps you playing small. 

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