Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Round-up: Week Ending January 3

State's oldest lawyer dies at 104

Sallie Ruperti Springmeyer, one of the first women lawyers in Nevada and the oldest of the state's lawyers, dies at the age of 104.

Lady litigator: Hicks first female lawyer at Goddard & Gamble

Diane M. Hicks becomes the first woman attorney to be hired in that capacity with the all-male law firm of Goddard & Gamble.

Houston lawyer `able to defy long odds'

Linda Addison, one of only 17 women to make the "100 Most Influential Lawyers in America" list, is profiled.

Cynthia Lummis announces she will run for Congress

Lawyer Cynthia Lummis, a former Wyoming state treasurer and Republican state legislator, will run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wyoming.

Veteran prosecutor takes on worst juvenile offenders

Kathy Morante pursues a new role helping some of Nashville's worst juvenile offenders.

Madison County, Illinois: A Judicial Hellhole No More

Chief Judge Ann Callis of Madison County institutes reforms to stem the flow of tort suits in Madison County.

Lawyer-on-the-Lam Goes to Jail

Flouting ethics and integrity, Florida attorney Jessica Miller is incarcerated for running off with $28,155.99 of her clients' money.

University of Arizona Law Student Faces Kidnapping Charges

In other news of legal ladies we'd rather not claim, Kumari Fulbright, a law student at the University of Arizona, is charged with kidnapping and tortuing an ex-boyfriend.

Attorney Follows Faith to Musical Ministry

Jennifer Klein leaves her law firm in Austin to dedicate herself to a music ministry.

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Legal Eagle

I notice you didn't ID Kumari Fulbright as a "pin-up girl turned law student" like all the other coverage I've seen does. Thank you!
But then I stop to wonder: would Fulbright's arrest even be news if it weren't for her background as a "former beauty queen" who once posed for a calendar wearing a bikini and holding a firearm? I have no idea the stats on how often current law students get charged with multiple violent felonies—i.e. whether the event is newsworthy from an angle separable from the "girls gone wild" take that mainstream media fetishizes.

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