Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week Ending November 11

Gender Gap Closing for Justices
Pennsylvania voters elect women to fill four of five openings in the statewide appeals courts, making women a majority on the Pennsylvania Superior and Commonwealth courts as of January.

Why Are Minority Female Associates Leaving Law Firms?
Report finds that minority women "rank their firms lower in categories almost across the board" and are more likely to seek a new job than other firm lawyers.

Scholar Lectures on Women and the Law in Iran
Louise Halper, Washington and Lee University law professor, speaks on "the changing roles of women in Iran."

Levinson Named 'Athena'
Rosalie Berger-Levinson, the first female law professor at Valaparaiso University, honored with an Athena Award, which recognizes "women who assist and support other women in developing their careers."

First Female Law Professor a Kansan
Lutie Lytle, the "first female law professor in the world," is remembered

Prominent Web Link to HLS Sexual Harassment Guidelines Added Following Record Investigation
Prompted by outdated web link, Harvard law students question "why sexual harassment is not discussed more openly here at the law school."

Law and the Gender Jungle
New Zealand, one of the first countries to admit women to the bar, has a dearth of women lawyers in senior positions.

Flexi-workers are a twist we can ill afford
A British journalist criticizes flex-time work options for female professionals, stating that "flexible working imposes costs and inefficiencies on almost all employers and the economy as a whole."

Boxing a Knockout for Female Lawyer
Laura Saperstein, a British lawyer, gives up her law job to "enter the ring as a professional boxer."

Local Justice Named Latina Judge of the Year
Gina M. Benavides, first Latina appellate judge in Texas, honored for her achievements

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