Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week Ending November 4

The Feminine Critique
Lisa Belkin illustrates what Ms. JD is calling the Goldilocks Phenomenon: women leaders will either be too much of this or too little of that—in every country, the only guarantee is that women are never perceived as just right.

Lawyers Assail Head of Bar for Judge Critique
Teresa Carr Deni, a judge in Philadelphia, is criticized for “reducing a rape charge to ‘theft of services’ because the victim was a prostitute”

Celebs in a Mess Call on These Female Power Lawyers
Gloria Allred, Blair Berk, and Laura Wasser are the go-to ladies when Hollywood faces legal woes.

Religion, Culture Cannot Excuse Female Inequality: Cherie Blair
Human rights lawyer Cherie Blair criticizes Egypt, some orthodox Jewish communities, and nations in south Asia and Africa for their treatment of women.

Political Tango, Women in Lead
Lawyer Cristina Fernández de Kirchner becomes Argentina’s first elected woman president.

A Princess from the right: Local blogger makes it to the big time
Recent law grad Emily Zanotti started blogging in law school, never realizing it was a wise career choice.

US Immigration Lawyer Migrates to her Istanbul Roots
Maria Celebi becomes possibly the only U.S. immigration lawyer in Turkey.

Scholar of Women Lawyers Sees New Career-Path Shift, Cites Generation Gap
New book, It’s Harder In Heels: Essays by Women Lawyers Achieving Work-Life Balance, finds that “the legal culture as one still predominately ruled by white-male tradition, and is one in which change does not seem on the horizon”.

Coming Soon: “Law School Nation”?
Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author of “Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America” and “More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction” now attends Yale Law School and is a “bomb-thrower” for her bluntness in class.

Woman Touts Experience in Bid for State Judgeship
Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald pushes to become the third woman in the 10-seat Sixth Judicial District of the New York state Supreme Court.

Ghana: The Woman Who Swept Seven Awards At Ghana Law School
Ms. JD salutes Angela Naa Sakua Okai: an amazing Ghanaian woman law student.

Judge Fired, Another Fined for Offensive Behavior Versus Women
Two judges in the Philippines sanctioned for outrageous behavior toward women, including telling “a woman complainant in open court that ‘next time you see your husband, open your arms and legs.’”

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