Ms. JD’s 2012 Conference, She Leads: Student Thoughts

Ms. JD hosted its Fifth Annual Conference on Women in the Law, "She Leads," on October 5th, 2012.  Here is the story of what being a part of the 2012 Ms. JD Conference meant to a group of students from The University of Texas School of Law.

At She Leads, UT Law NWLSO co-president Jennifer Goodwillie learned the importance of self-promotion. "While hard and good work may get me through a law school exam, it won't necessarily get me where I want to go in my career," she stated. "It's important to be vocal about what you want.  If you want to go into a meeting, ask.  If a particular project stands out to you, tell your supervisor you'd like to work on it."

Jennifer also particularly valued the words of Marne Levine, Facebook Vice President of Global Policy and keynote speaker.  "There is a lot of pressure in law school to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life," Jennifer explained.  "That's a lot of pressure!  And as Marne explained, that is unnecessary.  Will some people be at the same place they summered in law school for the rest of their lives?  Sure.  But that's not the path for a lot of people, nor is it necessarily the best way to truly fulfill your potential."

Another UT Law student, Anna Kuntz, gravitated towards the "She Builds" panel: "As a leader of a law school organization that is looking to increase membership and activities," she said, "it was especially useful to learn the best ways to build and work in teams."

In addition to providing practical career skills, Jennifer spoke of how attending "She Leads" brought a national platform to UT Law's community of women. "Our members connected with students and practitioners from around the country and world!  We got ideas for events from other law schools and have expanded our network drastically."

Law students around the country learned to identify and develop leadership skills at Ms. JD's 5th Annual Conference on Women in the Law.  We are already looking forward to the 6th!

This post is re-printed from an NWLSO Newsletter.

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