Ms. JD Herstory Series: “Empowering” – Paige Griffith

The Ms. JD Herstory Series is a project associated with the “Her Story ” themed 2018 Ms. JD Conference. It is a blog posting series that features summaries of interviews with members of the Ms. JD family conducted by Shanice Hinckson, a 2017-2018 Ms. JD Fellow. These summaries portray each person’s account of the influence Ms. JD has had on their lives. Furthermore, it highlights Ms. JD as an important contribution to the legal community and an advocate for stories that refrain from marginalizing the woman’s perspective.


As a former Ms. JD Fellow and current board member, Paige Griffith has seen Ms. JD from multiple perspectives. She recognizes that the organization impacts everyone’s career because it allows for young females to network and provides an opportunity for women to connect with other up-and-coming attorneys. Ms. JD has personally helped her remain connected to the legal community outside Montana.  She loves that it serves as a place for all women regardless of their age, race, or gender norms. Paige firmly believes there is no other space for young women to foster these connections in the legal field. She loves that Ms. JD has a plethora of diverse programs: blogging, conferences, National Women’s Law Students Organization leadership council, and volunteering in various capacities. Everyone can find a space to feel at home and help make the legal community more inclusive.

The theme for the 2018 Ms. JD Conference is herstory. Ms. Griffith believes that this theme connects well to the Me Too Campaign and allows for a timely discussion regarding women’s personal stories in the legal field. In describing her definition of herstory, Ms. Griffith noted that it allows us to “ look towards the individual ‘her’ and I like that "her" can mean females as a collective.”

Ms. Griffith owns a photography business and plans to launch her own virtual law office in the near future. Virtual law offices are an innovative take on the legal practice that trades in the physical office for the technological means of communicating with clients and collaborating with other attorneys online. She hopes that Ms. JD could someday potentially highlight and demystify the idea of starting virtual law offices and create an opportunity for individuals to discuss this emerging business model. Through her experiences with Ms. JD and her own business, it was a no-brainer for her to launch a virtual law office instead of going to work for a firm. During her interview, she stated, “people are beginning to have a different perspective when it comes to business, and not everyone is interested in walking into a law office.”  Ms. JD was undoubtedly a catalyst for her to follow her dream and live up to her potential.

Ultimately when asked to describe her experience with the Ms. JD foundation Ms. Griffith said, “empowering.” “Ms. JD empowers you to be you and be successful. It allows you to embrace who you are and it makes the legal world a better place.”


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