To Be A Lawyer Is To Be A Writer

How do you think pre-law individuals, law students, and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs? 

In the information age, blogs stand unique as a source for information on a variety of niche topics.  With a few Google keystrokes, you can find a blog to assist you with any query.  Want to find the best deals on frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards points? Plan a wedding that isn’t too bling or too basic? Bolster your closet with the latest high-style trends? Keep up to speed with the freshest industry goss?  The answers to your questions are often found not in mainstream media publications, but in blog form. 

But who are these people behind the pixels?  And why should lawyers, or those at any stage of their legal career, consider blogging?  

Let’s break it down in four quarters.     

1) To Be A Lawyer Is To Be A Writer. To practice law is to write.  Your legal argument will be won and lost on the page.  Not standing in the courtroom in a velvet suit, arguing the defense of a pair of youthhhhhhs on questionable murder charges.  The more you write, the better you get at it.  Writing is a muscle: if you don’t put your reps in, it’ll atrophy.  Blogging is a great way to exercise your writing muscle on a regular basis.

2) The Comments Section.  People say the darndest things while wearing their anonymity cloaks! Subjecting your darlings to the swords of the comments section may be tough to stomach at first, but you’ll develop the thick skin necessary to think nimbly. Legal practice will thrust you into the orbit of adversaries and counterparties and force you to examine – and defend – your convictions.  Learning how to respond to opposing arguments is a skill that every aspiring or current lawyer needs to craft a coherent and effective argument.

3) This is my story.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  A JD can take you many places.  You juggling law and parenthood?  Working as a lawyer abroad?  A biglaw refugee turned I-banker or app founder or spin instructor?  A small-town lawslinger hanging your own shingle?  Unemployed and looking?  Seize your chance to become a voice in the legal community that corresponds to your specific niche.   

4) To Help People.  At some point in college, someone asked me why I wanted to be a lawyer. To help people, I said.  Fast-forward some years later and I’ve got my nose in a bushel of vendor agreements, searching for the next change-in-control provision. Corporations are people too, right?  No matter what our career goals were on that first day of 1L, the weight of student loans makes that juicy corporate job that much more appealing, and our vision of helping others with our JDs recedes in our collective rear view.  Blogging is an easy way to reach out to others. Share your perspective, your experiences, your angst.  

Tell your story. Someone’s listening.    



Well-written article and great message. Do you have a website or blog of your own? Thank you!

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