Ms. JD Writers in Residence Program Application Prompt 2017

The prompt is: How do you think pre-law individuals, law students, and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs?

From the days of grade school, we are taught how to write. We are told to write stories that will entice the reader to finish without putting the story down. Somewhere down the road, we forget what makes a story great, or in the alternative, we forget how to write.

The legal field is different from others, where the art of writing is the key to winning an argument. Take, for example, the story of a single comma in a 14-page contract that costs 1 million Canadian dollars. This story, now a joke, is also one that has been experienced one too many times, but not always heard.

But where do blogs play a factor? Are they beneficial? Moreover, what can we learn from a blog?

  1. Practice Makes Perfect. Don’t be the next “talked-about” writer whose single mistake caused a client to lose a million dollars. Be the writer that saves that client. Writing is an essential skill not restricted just for the world of law. Something as simple as writing an articulate email is often times overlooked. Blogging sharpens these skills so that the next email you write doesn’t have “texting language.”
  2. “If I had known, I would have done things differently.” Everyone has a story. These stories have a “moral of the story.” However, not everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Maybe it is out of shyness or embarrassment. When writing a blog, the writer can write without the fear of being judged. Sure comments can become bullying in nature, but the writer has the power to avoid or delete. Pre-law individuals can learn from law students and lawyers what to expect in law school and in the field. Moreover, readers can see the world of law in a different point of view, a view that society often forgets.
  3. Virtual Mentor: Having a mentor is wonderful. I believe everyone should seek out a mentor. In my opinion, a mentor is anyone who can give insight on various aspects of life. At any given moment, a single post has reached out to hundreds. Many will passively scroll through, but some will stop and take a moment to read. If you can make a difference with your writing to a single person, then I believe you have become a mentor. 

Blogging is crucial given the state our country is in with recent elections. Learn from others. Read. Reach out and lend a helping hand. More importantly, know that you can make a difference one person at a time. 

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