#Ms.Cyberlaw: What is Cyberlaw?

Happy 2018, Ms. JD! I would like to start this beautiful blank page with a heartfelt sentiment of gratitude. Last year was a difficult one (Why? Well, because law school.), but one lifelong lesson I gained was how important perspective is. In the midst of all the interviewing anxiety and scheduling and inner monologues that went something like “I am so not cut out for this cutthroat competition,” for example, an interviewer over the summer asked me about my time with Ms. JD. My worries suddenly vanished from the room, and I was reminded of what mattered to me, why I chose law, and why I was there in the first place interviewing. Rather than mentally outline pitfalls and negatives, I focused on the opportunities I have had and what I did with them. At every thought of giving up law, Ms. JD in one way or another has been there for me gently nudging me forward and onward. I remain immensely grateful for the Ms. JD community. And returning to Ms. JD – this time as a Writer in Residence – will be my daily reminder of how strong the Ms. JD community is, how beautiful the spirit of camaraderie in the legal field could be, and how grateful I feel to belong to it. Let’s always aim to outline our perspectives with gratitude.

When it came time to formulate a column beat, I gravitated toward the idea of ‘Ms. Cyberlaw.’

You might ask, what exactly is cyberlaw? I look forward to investigating it together with you, but for starters: an online dictionary (remember when people owned physical dictionaries and actually used them?) defines it as “laws, or a specific law, relating to Internet and computer offenses, especially fraud or copyright infringement.” Harvard Law Review has a page that explores various issues pertaining to cyberlaw.

Perhaps the definition of cyberlaw is set, but the concepts that give it shape are still in flux. Call me nerdy, but the intersection of cyberlaw, intellectual property, and technology is expanding, evolving, and unfolding in interesting ways. It may be worth our time to explore the legal ramifications, learn from various experts in the arena, and form our own opinions on a topic that is growing to be ever-present in our daily lives. It’s even becoming a question of defying territorial boundaries. Take a look, for example, at United States v. Microsoft Corp., which is set for argument on February 27th.

To this end, I will aim to bring to your attention interesting developments in these areas of law, Q&A style interviews with legal professionals who are specializing in these topics, and any other tidbits that can form part of the modern-day person’s knowledge base on cyberlaw. Fun ice-breaker, no?!

If you have column angles you’d like to suggest or questions you think are worth diving into, please get in touch with me! I would love to hear from you. 

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