Newer lawyers, are you only focused on making a good impression?

As you start your career, keep in mind that there is a balancing act – you’ll of course need to make a good first impression, show you are capable, reliable, and hard-working, and build trust. However, as you do that, remember that you are also setting a precedent for later on. It’s this latter part that people often fail to consider at the outset, and that can make things more difficult for you later.

A simple example is your hours of availability. In a rush to make a good impression, many new associates are available all hours of the day, which goes a long way to show that you are a hard working and may sometimes be expected. However, as you gain a reputation and become more secure, you may not want to be so available, but it is hard to move backward from the precedent that you created.

Of course this does not mean that you should not work hard, but having a little awareness of this issue can go along way. In addition, it is comforting to realize, while you are working so hard at the start, that as you become more secure and build your reputation, you may find some flexibility to dial back a little bit. Again, you will still work hard to succeed, but you can start to work in a way that you prefer, that suits you, that prioritizes what is important to you, and that is more comfortable and efficient for you, versus being more primarily focused on impression management.

By Women Lawyers News

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