No Longer Pre-Law: How To Get Involved And Stay Involved With Ms. JD When You Start Law School

All of us at Ms. JD have really enjoyed the kick off of our Pre-Law Program.  From the fantastic blog posts to seeing our Ms. JD Fellows pay it forward with their advice for Acing Law School, it's been a lot of fun.  We're excited for everything that's still to come for our Pre-Law Followers this Fall and Spring.

We're also very aware that many of our Pre-Law followers will no longer be Pre-Laws as they start law school in a few short weeks.  If you are among them, we want to be the first to welcome you to this crazy wonderful profession we call law and share with you some additional tips for staying in touch and staying involved with Ms. JD.

1. Sign up for our Newsletter.  Ms. JD delivers a newsletter to your inbox once a week that's packed with upcoming events as well as tips and tricks for everything from the job search to success in school and legal practice.  You can sign up by going to Ms. JD's homepage: 

2. Become an individual member of NWLSO. Found a NWLSO Chapter at your School or Affiliate your Women's Law Association with Ms. JD.  (It's Free!)  NWLSO is the National Women Law Students' Organization and Ms. JD's law student arm.  We serve both individual law students and support women's law associations across the country through NWLSO.  If you're interested in becoming an individual member of NWLSO, sign up here. If you're interested in founding a NWLSO on your campus or affiliating your Women's Law Association with NWLSO and Ms. JD, please reach out to Ms. JD's NWLSO Liaison - Liz Hague - at 

3. Stay in Touch Via Social Media.  Did you know that Ms. JD posts job and scholarship opportunities on our LinkedIn page?  Or that you can see live tweets from our events by following @msjdtweets?  We're also happy to have you "like" us on Facebook to get the latest news on women and the law.  You can connect with us on all of our social media sites from the Ms. JD homepage: 


4. Write for Ms. JD. Are you a writer?  Looking to express yourself more creatively?  We're always looking for new bloggers for the Ms. JD platform.  You can create an account on our site and start blogging right away.  Interested in writing but need help coming up with ideas?  You can also become a Ms. JD Journalist.  For more on writing your own blog for Ms. JD or becoming a Ms. JD Journalist, go here.  Still have questions about writing for Ms. JD?  Reach out to our Content Director, Sunny Choi at  This, by the way, is a great way to distinguish yourselves from the pack! 

5. Consider participating in one of Ms. JD's other Programs. Not sure that any of this is the right fit for you?  Consider participating in one of Ms. JD's other programs.  You can review them all on our programs page.  We offer fellowships, scholarships, academic research, international development, and writing opportunities.  If you're interested in getting involved in a particular program, email and Michele will get you connected with the appropriate Board Member. 

We're excited that you're joining the community of women in the law.  Welcome and we cannot wait to work with you!

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