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Now & Then: What It Means To Be A Feminist featuring the Honorable Stuart Hing

The Honorable Judge Stuart Hing was appointed to the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, in July 2008 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before his appointment, he was a Deputy District Attorney at the Alameda County District Attorney's Office for 23 years. He is active in the Community and Education Foundation of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association including its voter project, Women Lawyers of Alameda County, in which he was the only male board member, Charles Houston Bar Association, Centro Legal de la Raza, Alameda County Bar Association, St. Vincent de Paul, and his own outreach program.

As the only male board member, can you talk about your involvement with and initial reasons for joining the Women Lawyers of Alameda County?

I’ve been with the board of the Women Lawyers of Alameda County longer than any of its current board members. I started as the only male board member and am now its judicial liaison. I initially joined because, although women are more than 50% of our population, women are not adequately represented in our legal profession.

Can you talk a little bit about your own outreach program I’ve read about?

My wife, Rhoda, and I have always had a passion for public service and are trying to make more of a difference in our community, including law students. We work with many individuals and organizations in our community including an internship and mock trial program for law students.

From a male perspective, what do you believe to be the biggest challenge women continue to face in the legal profession?

Our State Bar has said that the legal profession is the second least-diversified profession in our state, second only to veterinarians. I’m not sure if that means men are the problem or something I heard Katie Couric say, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

As an avid supporter of diversity and women, who do you hope to see on the state level bench of the ‘now’ generation?

Individually, there are so many exceptionally well-qualified judicial candidates. Since judges are public servants who serve the public, I believe that our bench should try to reflect the public we serve. That way, our judicial system, while not perfect, can be the best system it can possibly be.



As a woman, this is very disturbing to read. I searched Judge Stuart Hing’s name because I wanted to figure out why he has made so many poor decisions as a judge. Now I know why. He is biased towards women. His decisions are inherently tainted. A biased judge is no judge at all. He is not worthy of his job title.

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