Nurturing Leadership Skills

It is one month until the MPRE. The time flew by quickly. The past week, I have been bombarded with trainings, workshops, organizing events, work obligations, and through it all, somehow spending time with my children. It was a stressful week as I dealt with personal matters relating to my oldest, yet we managed to take care of the situation.

Unfortunately, this meant I did not begin preparing for the MPRE as I originally planned last month. Instead, I begin my MPRE preparation tomorrow, which gives me a little under a month to prepare. This means no outside distractions and focusing on reviewing practice questions.

Today was an important day. I attended the annual Legislative Day for one of the groups I am a member of. Most importantly, my oldest daughter went with me. Together, after a group huddle, a wonderful breakfast and lunch, I went with her and several other people to speak with several Senators. We spoke about our support of three bills, with a focus on the Ethnic Studies bill. With the two Senators’ we met with, my daughter did her part and provided a voice on the importance of the bill. She was nervous, yet did great. As I watch her grow up, I want her to feel she plays a major role in the activities I do. Today was a great opportunity to show to her what I do, and how she is an important part of my work. A lot of the work I do today, I do it for her, and for my two youngest. Yet, because she is my first, she sees firsthand how often I work. Sometimes I work late in the evenings, and do not spend the time I should with her.

I sometimes fear that she will slip away from me before I know it, and I will regret letting her grow up with her seeing the things I do while she may be interested. Today was a good day, not because of the how happy the day seemed. It is because my daughter had an opportunity to go to work with me, to see the work I do, and to experience it first hand by holding her own through a conversation with the leaders who make decisions for our communities. 



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