NYC Bar “Launching Your Career” Week 2: Networking and Finding a Mentor

At the second installment of this year's Launching Your Career seminar series by the New York City Bar, our cohort of pre-law undergraduates and recent graduates had the opportunity to hear about networking and finding a mentor from Janine Pollack and Regina Calcaterra, partners at Wolf Haldenstein, before immediately practicing those tips in a "speed networking" event with practicing attorneys.

One of our pre-law participants, Kamya Arora, reflected after the event:

"I took a lot away from both Janine and Regina's presentations today. Their personal stories of growth especially struck me as inspiring. They reminded me that learning never stops—even for mentors. This means that even I, a 20-yr-old, may have a little something to offer a partner with decades of experience. Beyond the pearls of wisdom on the topic of networking and mentorship, I took away an incredible energy and renewed motivation from the event."

It was also truly remarkable that so many lawyers came for the second half of the event, to speak to our students and give them the opportunity to practice networking. We had a 1-to-1 ratio of lawyers and students! A big thank-you to everyone who came:

Congratulations to Van Ann Bui, Chair of the Launching Your Career Seminar Series, and Monica Parks, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at the New York City Bar, for running an incredibly successful seminar.

If you have any questions about the NY City Bar's Launching Your Career seminar series, please contact Van Ann Bui at


Genevieve Antono is Ms. JD's Pre-Law Program Director. She is passionate about diversity, mentorship and women's leadership in the legal profession, and is excited to serve the pre-law members of Ms. JD's community. Genevieve volunteers with Ms. JD in her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this post are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer.

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