One of the Best Networking Tools for New Lawyers

If you are a new lawyer, the value of networking has likely been reiterated to you over and over. However, many people dread the process of networking! Writing for a law blog can be major tool to network effectively for three reasons:

It can strengthen your elevator speech.

By college, you were likely introduced to the concept of an elevator speech where you share your background with an individual in the time that it takes to ride an elevator. One way to distinguish your elevator speech from those of others is to say that you are a writer on a particular topic. Even if the person with whom you are speaking does not remember other details of the conversation, he or she likely will remember that new associate with the fitness blog for busy professionals!

It creates a quality follow-up opportunity.

Networking is supposed to be a two-way relationship. If you go to a networking event, you should be thinking about how you can help those you meet.

  • If you mention that you write for a law blog and the person with whom you are speaking is interested in the topic, when you follow up with him or her via email or LinkedIn, you can message him or her a link to one of the posts that may be of interest.
  • Depending on the topic of your blog, you may want to ask the individual if you can interview him or her. This is mutually beneficial in that it gives him or her the ability to be introduced to a potentially new audience, and it helps you to get an interview with a distinguished person.

It can lead to opportunities to meet more people.

  • It can lead to speaking opportunities. You can use blogging to position yourself as a subject-matter expert in a particular area of the law or in a niche. If you are interested in social media law, you may blog on that subject and do workshops with small business owners on social media “dos and don’ts” from a legal perspective. If you are interested in social media generally, perhaps you blog about social media branding for lawyers and find yourself sitting on a panel during a legal conference.
  • You can perform interviews, which will give you an opportunity to develop relationships with individuals with similar interests. Perhaps you decide to interview more senior individuals in your field and write about their insights. Alternatively, maybe you decide that interviews with your peers would be better for your readers. In any event, you have the chance to meet new people.

If you are looking for an opportunity to write for a law blog, you can apply to the Ms. JD Writers in Residence Program. You may also find opportunities by going online and searching for reputable blogs. Alternatively, you can hang up your “blog shingle” and start your own. No matter what you choose, start writing!

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