One Simple Thing You Can Do About the Stress You Feel Every Day

So , if I asked you to name one thing in your life that regularly causes you stress, you might say “work” or “traffic” or “this case I’ve been working on,” but the things that cause us stress are usually much more specific. What exactly is it about those things that cause you stress?

There is usually something specific that you can pinpoint. For example, perhaps it’s not work generally that causes you stress, but maybe your stress level rises…

  • When you split your attention/multitask
  • When you look at your email inbox
  • Each time you add something to your to-do list
  • When you see your cluttered desk
  • When you get interrupted
  • When you notice you’re feeling tired and are moving more slowly
  • When you wrap up for the day and see what’s left undone

Learning what causes your stress can be a game changer in two main ways:

1. Instead of just letting your stress levels rise and grow, unchecked, stop and assess. When you know the reason behind the stress, that knowledge can dramatically reduce the effect of whatever is causing it (plus, you’ll be developing the habit of pausing when you feel stress and taking the wind out of its sails) – huge benefits you can start realizing right away!

2. When you have insight into what’s causing your stress, you can design your day in a way that removes much of that stress (for example, imagine having a system that let you enjoy the things you love about work but with much of the stress removed) – we’ll dig into how to do that a little later on (head here to make sure you don't miss it).

For now, the next time you feel that familiar tense feeling or knot in your stomach – stop. Have a piece of paper or a note on your phone, and write it down: Exactly what just caused your stress? If you’re not sure, write down what you were doing/thinking at the time, and notice patterns later.

Here’s to less stress,

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