Options to Consider For a Career In Helping Others

Selecting a legal specialty is a daunting task. Classmates will pressure you to follow the money, friends will try to steer you toward inspiring work, and your family will just want to be sure you can come around at Christmas. Where do you start?

Consider the earning potential, yes. But beyond that, you need to look for fulfillment. You need to find a field that can sustain your inspiration for decades to come, so that you can find the motivation every day to get to the office or the courthouse and get to work for your clients.

There are certain fields of law that can prove far more fulfilling than others. They may not seem at first to be the stuff that starry-eyed grads dream about as they study for the bar, but they provide a solid living and, more important, an inspired way of life.

Disability Law

This may sound at first like a very un-glamorous option, but take a minute to think it over. There is a reason that Myler Disability has followed this path, and the same reason can work for you. You are helping a client who is facing the unthinkable. He or she has years of training and experience in a certain field and is counting on that to help provide for a family.

Then an unexpected illness or injury comes along, and all those expectations are destroyed. Their only hope is to get help from the government, but the long train of forms and conversations is overwhelming. They know that it's hopeless without a legal advocate.

Myler Disability knows that's the moment when an attorney can save the day, and that's where you would come in. You make order from chaos, simplicity from confusion, and hope from despair. You are able to guide a very frustrated and frightened family through a difficult challenge and see them through to brighter days.

Estate Law

Like disability law, estate law is an area that is very confusing to many people. The complexities of wills, trusts, and taxation steer many people toward a paralysis of planning, in which they fail to make a will or even to lay out any plans for their assets.

Of course, when someone dies intestate, they have zero control over the disposition of what they've worked so hard for all their lives. To make matters worse, their lack of planning can leave heirs angry and bitter with one another, sparking feuds and building walls of silence over how things are handled.

Going into practice with an emphasis in estate law can make you the steady hand of wisdom that helps people make sure that their wishes are fulfilled. You can guide them through the ins and outs of everything from living wills to trusts, and you can give them immense peace of mind in knowing that their estate will be handled as they wish with minimal loss to the government.

Family Law

Set aside the contentious and stressful world of the divorce aspect of family law for just a moment. Imagine instead that you have the opportunity to work with custodial issues and, even more exciting, adoption.

Almost everyone knows someone who has been unable to conceive a child biologically. They have exhausted everything that medicine has to offer and are looking to see what the law can do for them. They make a connection with an adoption agency, and then a helpful attorney handles the process of making everything legal. Soon they stand before a family court judge and became the parents of the child they thought they would never have.

Civil Rights Law

We all want to think that 1964 signaled the end of discrimination with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, but the fact is that there is still much work to be done. While institutionalized racism is technically gone, there are still discriminatory undercurrents in both the law and in the interpretation of the law.

Working in civil rights law can help you play a part in righting some of the most fundamental wrongs that remain in America today, helping to provide basic dignity to every person and simultaneously correcting the system that denied it to them.

You've spent several years studying the law, and may have even already been in practice. But if you are hoping for a more fulfilling future than what you've had so far, consider these specialties of law. They could prove just the course you want to travel for the rest of your career.

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