Overheard During the Opening of She Leads

The She Leads Conference Has Begun!

We are so thrilled to welcome amazing women from across the country to She Leads. Here are few things overheard at the opening of the conference:

  •   "We don't have Founding Fathers; we have Founding Mothers!" Daniela Kraiem, Associate Director of the Women and the Law Program at American University, Washington College of Law
  • "I believe firmly in the power of young people...in the power of ideas...in the people that make up Ms. JD." Katie Larkin-Wong, President, Ms. JD
  • "Ms. JD has changed my horizons." Jesse Kornberg, Board of Directors, Ms. JD
  • "Ms. JD is one of the tools in my toolkit for life." Keisha Stanford, Board of Directors, Ms. JD
  • "If you're willing to 'name it' here today, we're here to help you 'claim it'!" Janet Wallace, Vice President, Ms. JD
  • "At Ms. JD, you can have an idea and instantly find support for that idea...this community has great conversation." Kim Watson, Board of Directors, Ms. JD
  • "You felt the electricity and intensity and it was amazing." Courtney, on why she joined Ms. JD
  • "I felt welcomed, I felt embraced. If I had to pick one thing that exemplifies Ms. JD, it is the openness." Connie Lam, NWLSO Liaison, Ms. JD
  • "These women are my biggest advocates." Jamie Bence, Board of Directors, Ms. JD
  • "Ms. JD is unique - it actually focuses on the practical issues of succeeding in your career and your life." Sheila Forjuoh, Chief Financial Officer, Ms. JD
  • "It is so fantastic that an organization can assist you in two very different parts of your career." Noorain Khan on why she joined Ms. JD as a student, and stayed involved throughout her career.

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