Overheard at She Leads: The DQs

Thank you all for making She Leads a success! We're doing our best to continue sharing some of the nuggets of advice from Ms. JD She Leads! Here's some of the best advice overheard during the DQs session:

1. Find people you admire and see how they network, develop business, and complete their every day tasks!

2. Make a business plan - identify your connections, the events you want to attend to build your connections, how you will follow up with people. Don't just have lunch or coffee, THINK about what you can give the person before you meet with them.

3. On balancing work and other obligations: "Step one is to figure out what you want." Think about what you want your life to look like, how you want to balance your priorities, recognize that work-life balance is a misnomer and will look different for everyone. Once you've figured out your priorities, "Step two is to find someone who does it like you want." Cultivate that person as a mentor and learn from him or her. And that's key, don't just limit yourself to women - emulate men you respect and admire as well.

4. You have to be aware of developing your network. What that network should look like will be different at different points in your practice. But at each point, you need to be asking yourself "What am I doing to develop my network." This feeds into point #2. Make a business plan!

5. On how these tips apply to public interest/government lawyers: For one thing, remember that you may want to move in and out of public or private practice. You need to be aware of that. Secondly, it's important to remember that while you don't necessarily need a network to develop business the way you do in a private firm, you do need a network to accomplish many large-scale projects. Earlier on in your practice, you may also want to build your network to help you build skills - people you can turn to who can help you understand how to do certain things.

6. If you could give one piece of advice to young women lawyers, what would it be?

"You need to focus on three things: (1) Be a good lawyer. (2) Follow Up. (3) Don't be rigid in what you want to do. When the door's open, walk through it. Don't leave before you leave. Lean into your career."

"The people you meet, the relationships you develop, the impressions you give are all very important. Be very cognizant of the impressions you make."


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