Parting your ways apart legally-Family and Divorce law

Coming into a marriage bond and making a happy family is a very crucial and important part in the life of an individual, but sometimes one can make mistake while choosing his/her life partner and then the auspicious marriage event makes your life bitter like hell.

As we know for every mistake god gives us another chance to rectify it, in the same way our law also gives us an opportunity to correct our wrong decision while choosing our life partner and get separated peacefully. Federal government of Canada has set up the family and divorce law which is applicable to all the citizens in every corner of the nation.

Here, we will give complete details of processes and legalities of getting divorce and solving family issues in a very peaceful and practical manner. There are many family lawyer in Surrey who have prestigious records for handling these types of cases with extreme care and sensitivity.


Initial Process

If someone is sure about the marriage relationship's end,then the very first step while getting separated is filing an application. The application is submitted to the family court and this marks the beginning of the divorce process.

This application has all the important details of the marriage which includes place,time & date of marriage, number of children, demand for custody of children, monthly/annual allounces for spouse & children, reasons and plot which led to the separation and many more necessary details.

Sometimes it is also required to give complete details of family property and wealth, and lastly marriage and birth(in case of children) certificates is also attached to the application.


Custody of children

This is the most cruicial aspect in a divorce process, spouse and husband fight rigorously to get custody of children.

The party who has better resources and environment for children's upbringing is favoured for this, in most the cases mothers are given advantage over father for the custody. The real talent and ability of a lawyer is tested at this situation for giving his client success in getting custody of the children. Surry law firms are the most famous and reputed to help their clients in doing so.


Claiming alimony as support

Spouse can ask for monthly/annual financial support for herself and children if custody of children comes to her. For this a complete financial statement of monthly expenses needs to filed in the court.

All the necessary details are filed in the court in a legal and practical manner, even a small mistake in the paperwork can make the case weak against the opponent. So it is important to hire a very professional and talented lawyer and law firm. In the country of Canada, Surrey Law firm considered to be the best.

After all this paperwork, the schedule for hearing for case is given by court and here the real test of the lwayers start. The legal fight begins between the two parties where both sides are cross-examined by each other's lawyers. Only the more professional and talented lawyer wins in most of these types of cases.


Other family matters

Apart from alimony, divorce and children's custody matter, divorce process also involves other aspects such as property transfers, prenuptial agreements, Co-ownership agreements,Cohabitation agreements, Division of assets and separation agreements. All these agreements are made legally sorted by professional law firms.


Budget specific

Court proceedings are costly and sometimes it may take reasonably long duration for final judgement, so one must calculate his/her estimated budget for hiring good lawyers.

Family lawyer in Surrey can help you in estimating the correct budget according to the approximate duration for which court proceedings can take place.


Finally, the conclusion we can draw from all above information is that, even after having a bad time in your life you can rectify your your mistake and peacefully get separated while claiming all your rights. For achieving good success you just need to find the right law firm.

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