Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Are You An Authentic Leader?

Have you ever taken a good hard look at the way people around you are leading?  Are the male leaders fitting the stereotype of a strong leader you'd want to follow? What about the women leaders? Are the women leaders "owning" their leadership position or are they sending mixed messages?

The problem that often occurs is that men lead like men and women try to lead like men, too. Sadly, when women lead like men, they often forget to use their natural leadership skills.  Each gender has a natural talent that lends itself to authentic leadership.   However, women often ignore this natural talent and try to fit in with the boys and lead like them.

The result:  when women lead like men it is ineffective and harmful to their personal brand.   Going against anything that is your nature and natural talent will come off as fake, disingenuous, dis-jointed and ineffective.  Worse yet, when women lead like men, they often feel exhausted and frustrated.  Imagine, doing something day in and day out that is not in your nature and doesn't get you positive results.  Who wouldn't feel exhausted and frustrated?!

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