Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Don’t Run Your Practice On A Default Personal Brand

Having an intention behind any action is crucial.  Without intention, everything we do has no power or purpose.  It's like taking a road trip without any idea of where you want to go.  It's essentially  living life and running a business without a plan.  So often clients seek us out for personal branding assistance because they have no idea:

a) what a personal brand is,

b) how to develop their own,

c) why they need to develop a personal brand,  and/or

d) where to start to develop a personal brand.

The good news is these clients come to us with a notion of needing help in all or one of the above areas.  The bad news is many such client business owners have been running their businesses without any personal brand development. Many have been doing so for many years.  Even more large business clients have been doing so with a large employee base and huge clientele.

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